Aluminum Fences

In front of some old Victorian houses we frequently see fancy black iron fencing.  Its made of round stock bent into loops and spears and welded together.  Its had a long life and is costly to repair because it requires custom work.

Today we have the opportunity to take advantage of its descendent, aluminum fence. Fortunately this current style fence is available in many variations.  You can choose from several colors, though for aluminum fence black and bronze are the most common, and all are powder coated so their paint will hold up for a long long time.  There are a variety of styles as well.  Take a look at our gallery that features several aluminum fences we have installed.  You could also look at our aluminum fence manufacturer’s web site to explore what would work for your fence in Bucks Co.

In case you thought metal fence is only for old Victorian houses in the front yard, please think again.  We frequently install aluminum fence for pool fences, adding an elegance to the pool.

The pickets in this metal fence are narrowly spaced so that most dogs cannot get out.  If you have a little dog that could squeeze through, Sentinel Fence  makes a puppy panel with close pickets to keep that little dog inside.

Sentinel Fence makes several different styles of aluminum fence that are very decorative and elegant.  They are ideal to accent the front of your house or to highlight a flower bed.

For those of you who have trouble with deer, we can install a simple style aluminum fence 6′ high that will keep most deer outside your fence, protecting your shrubs, trees,  vegetables and fruits.

If you are looking for a cheaper fence, but really like the beauty of an aluminum fence in front of your house, why not consider a combination.  Install a beautiful aluminum fence in front where people see it from the street and install the Bucks County fence standard split rail in the back.

We can help you with your fencing no matter what your needs.  Just give us a call.  215-249-3132