Aluminum Fence Installation, Supplies, & Materials

aluminum fence installationDecorative aluminum fences can be a beautiful addition to your property. You may want to set up distinct boundaries, secure an area surrounding a swimming pool, and keep pets or children in and strangers out. There are a variety of ornamental designs that are basically maintenance-free and can be installed in a weekend, provided you have the skills, a little help and all necessary tools and materials to do the job right.

Landis Fence carries all the supplies you might need for do-it-yourself installation but we also perform installations as well, should you decide you don’t want to tackle it on your own.

    • First and foremost is to check your local building codes for height restrictions and required distances from structures or property lines for your new aluminum fence. Another necessary call is to determine whether or not there are underground utilities that might cause a layout re-design for your proposed fence line.
      • Open your shipment boxes and confirm all parts, pieces and hardware are accounted for. If anything is missing, get it before you begin.
      • Once you’re clear on the layout of your fence, stake out a string line and mark where your posts will go. There are three kinds of posts: end posts, line posts, and corner posts. Make sure you have them laid out properly to avoid scrambling and confusion when you’re ready to set them with concrete.
      • Start digging! This is no doubt the most laborious part. You can use a manual post hole digger or rent a gas-powered auger. The auger is by far the easiest, but more expensive, alternative. Keep in mind when digging that you are striving for a cylinder, not a cone-shaped hole. The stability of your entire aluminum fence rests on the solidity of the walls of your holes.
      • Set your posts. Follow the cement manufacturer’s instructions on proper water to product ratio and make sure your posts are level and plumb prior to hardening.
      • Once all posts are set you can begin installing sections of the fence, usually beginning at a corner or end post next to a structure.
      • Attach the gate. Adjust hardware screws for proper alignment, operation and self-closing.

Aluminum fence installation can be pretty straight forward, but be forewarned there are situations that can cause frustration and delays. Will any panels need to be cut? Do you have a grade change along any portion of the fence? Will you use a standard walk-through gate or do you require a driveway gate?

If you decide that a project like this might be a little outside your scope of experience, call the experts today. Landis Fence provides professional aluminum fence installations you can afford and be proud of.

Vinyl Fence Installation, Supplies & Materials

Looking to put a long lasting vinyl fence on your property? Be certain you have the right tools for vinyl fence installation prior to your start. Before digging a post hole I suggest you have a 25′ tape, stakes, lines, line level, level and/or plumb bob, right angle if you are squaring up the fence line (or if angling the fence add a radius), a wheel barrow, shovel, post hole digger, work gloves and, of course, a hammer.

Before you start with these tools, use graph paper and pencil to draw out your vinyl fence installation. Figure out what you want to build, where it will go and draw it out in at least two dimensions (add height if you are a talent at drawing). This will give you a physical appearance of what it looks like and what the end result requires in skill and material. With the drawing in hand your next step would be to visit a fencing company. I suggest visiting Landis Fence in Dublin on Main Street. Finalize necessary decisions to make everything you will need planned in advance including the materials and vinyl fence supplies. They know how, and will help you. Also, don’t be afraid to mention how experienced you are at this type of work. They can readily get you a fence builder to do this project for you if you do not have the skillset. General Contractors sub out for vinyl fence installations all the time. I know that for a fact, I got those calls, and made them too.

If your installing a fence in an unknown area the immediate need is specific knowledge of the property line and underground utilities. Many times the lack of same has caused extreme headaches by digging into a sewage system. Putting a fence immediately over a septic tank or striking a gas line is not good.

You probably don’t spend much time at the edge of the property, so start out there. Stake one corner and walk to the other. Boulders, slate and other large items need to be found, measured and/or removed. With large encumbrances, you should decide if the outer fence line suits your desire or can be changed. I also recommend an outer gate. Fences add protection of egress, of course, but sometimes you need access in short order. A back gate comes in handy.

Once you have staked and strung and squared the line, measure the exact distances. This is where you determine the amount of panels between the posts and the gate. You have to use math. Vinyl fencing is best used as the panels are cut. See if your measurements are exactly equal to the posts and panels. Once you are certain you have it right, head back to Landis Fence. This is important, explain in detail how you arrived at your measurements so they understand if you are correct. They are pros. Here is when you order the vinyl fence supplies and materials such as , posts, caps, gates, hardware, ready mix or quick set concrete (determine the depth of the post hole for that quantity) or ask for a contractor to meet you on site to have them do the work for you.

On site you then right angle the corners, reset and level the line, stake the center spot for each posthole. Determine where the spoils will be dumped (via the wheel barrel) and start digging. You will need a plumb bob, or a level, to be certain you are setting the posts properly. Level two sides or plumb bob from a level top out. If you are using fast setting concrete, I highly suggest you have a helper. The stuff sets up fast.

Once the post holes are set and ready, hang the panels, hang and plumb bob the gate(s), cap the posts and it should be ready for use.

Remember, if you don’t think you can do this professionally, don’t try. Talk with the people at Landis Fence. They have the right people for the right job for your fence.

3 Most Popular Aluminum Fence Styles For Your Home

aluminum fenceAluminum fences are 3 to 6 ft high. The standard width for aluminum residential fence is 6 ft per section. A standard post is 2″ x 2″ , and the length varies with the height of the fence. To protect your investment, each piece of aluminum fencing and each post are painted using an electrostatic powder coating process. This leaves an extremely durable and weather resistant coating on the aluminum, to ensure you of a fine looking fence for many years to come. Black and bronze are the most popular colors.

When you are deciding what style of aluminum fence to have installed, there are three basic styles, with several variations.

#1 Floridian aluminum fence – A simple style with the bottom rail close to the ground and the top rail rests on the vertical pickets.

sierra aluminum fence

#2 Sierra aluminum fence – Includes two horizontal rails at the top of each section and the pickets go through the mid rail but not through the top rail, so you could rest your arm on the top without feeling the pickets. The bottom rail can be placed either near the ground or about 6″ off the ground with the pickets sticking below this rail. This is the most popular style. A variation of this is the Outback, which is like the Sierra except every other picket goes through the mid rail and stops before it gets to the top rail.

manhattan appalachian aluminum fence

#3 Appalachian aluminum fence – Characterized by pickets going up through the top rail. Thus creating a more dangerous looking top for a dog who might think twice before trying to jump over. The second rail is approximately 8 inches below the top rail. For the bottom rail it can either be placed near the ground or about 6″ off the ground with the pickets sticking through the rail.

Several variations of an Appalachian aluminum fence include:

  • Elegant Arch – Uses inverted U shaped hoops to connect the pickets above the rails
  • San Fran – At the top of the pickets forms an inverted dome
  • Manhattan – Has the top pickets alternating in height, giving an up-down, up-down effect.

Here at Landis Fence Company we sell and install aluminum fence manufactured by Sentinel Fence and Gate Manufacturing Company. This is an American owned and located company. These products allows us to provide the consumer with a wide range of styles and heights.

Be sure to check out the pictures in our website Gallery of some of the aluminum fences we have installed over the years.

2 Best Ways To Fence Your Home With Many Options

fence homeWhen it comes to fencing your home there are a variety of different options and materials to choose from. They include vinyl fence, aluminum fence, chain link, wood, split rail, underground etc. Everyone has their favorite, but two really stand out for several reasons.

Two that really stand out and are also the most popular are vinyl fence and aluminum fence. With many different options even with these two, it is no wonder why they are more popular then the others. There are many reasons why and I have a listed a few below.

vinyl fenceVinyl Fence

  • Get the look and feel of traditional wood without constant maintenance and repairs
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Very durable
  • Vinyl fencing will not crack, rot, or mold, and is also weather resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • No painting
  • May come with a warranty
  • Precise fence components are designed to fit together perfectly
  • No sun damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong, and long-lasting
  • Customized options including colors, sizes, textures, designs and caps to enhance your vinyl fence design

aluminum fenceAluminum Fence

  • Panels can be custom width from 4′ wide a maximum width of one foot increments
  • The aluminum fence panel or gate can be as tall or short as necessary
  • Horizontal rails can be added for customization
  • Panels or gates can have one side taller than the other
  • Aluminum fences can be custom welded when the need arises
  • Alternating height pickets can create a staggered spear top style
  • Circles can be added but must be installed between two horizontal rails
  • Stepping allows for panels to be positioned one lower than the other
  • Custom colors are available

These are just a few reasons an aluminum fence or vinyl fence have become so popular. If is time to upgrade your fence call Landis Fence at 215 249 3132 or take a look around our gallery.

Winter Blog 2012

It’s the end of January and there’s snow on the ground, who’s thinking about swimming pool fences?  Come spring time and that first hot day of early spring, and everyone will be thinking about putting in that new pool and pool fence.  Maybe you already have a pool fence but have been thinking about replacing your existing fence.

So think ahead!  Take a look around our website so see what you might like to see in your backyard.

Do you want a pool fence with openings so you can see through it, or do you want a solid privacy fence?

If you want the solid privacy fence, you can choose solid wood privacy fence or you can go for the PVC solid privacy fence.  The most common height is 6′ and they are available with a lattice top or simply a top rail.  We can supply you with solid wood fence made with white cedar or we have western red cedar with lattice top.

This makes a very nice looking enclosure for your pool filter and pump area.

Many people want to be able to see through the pool fence.  So they choose something like a split rail fence with vinyl coated wire attached to it.  This is probably the most economical fence for your pool.  Another very popular kind of fence is the aluminum fence.  This is available in black or bronze with a powder coat finish.  The advantage of this kind of fence is the longevity of the finish.  We carry the Sentinel Fence brand.  Look on their website at for more information.

Let us help you with your fence.  Even if the weather is cold or the ground is too muddy, let’s work now at planning that aluminum pool fence, split rail fence around your swimming pool or a new PVC pool fence.  Then when the weather breaks, you’ll be ready to go!

Cheap Fences

What are cheap fences?  Depending on what you want your fence to do, we can probably help you if you are looking for a cheap fence.  We have a variety of fences.  We have cheap wood  fencing stockade made from spruce. We have wire and metal posts that can make a cheap fence.

We have wood and wire fencing that cost more dollars and are actually cheap fence, because in the long run they last longer.  They don’t need to be replaced as often as the inexpensive fences.  We make and sell wood privacy fence that is made of cedar pickets and pressure treated horizontals.  Initially they cost more dollars but in the long run cedar holds up longer than spruce or fir so it is cheap fence in the proverb, “Buy once cheap and end up buying twice, or buy once good”

At Landis Fence we want to buy good quality and fair priced.  If you are looking for cheap fence, tell us what you are trying to do and we will try to meet your needs.

Aluminum Fences

In front of some old Victorian houses we frequently see fancy black iron fencing.  Its made of round stock bent into loops and spears and welded together.  Its had a long life and is costly to repair because it requires custom work.

Today we have the opportunity to take advantage of its descendent, aluminum fence. Fortunately this current style fence is available in many variations.  You can choose from several colors, though for aluminum fence black and bronze are the most common, and all are powder coated so their paint will hold up for a long long time.  There are a variety of styles as well.  Take a look at our gallery that features several aluminum fences we have installed.  You could also look at our aluminum fence manufacturer’s web site to explore what would work for your fence in Bucks Co.

In case you thought metal fence is only for old Victorian houses in the front yard, please think again.  We frequently install aluminum fence for pool fences, adding an elegance to the pool.

The pickets in this metal fence are narrowly spaced so that most dogs cannot get out.  If you have a little dog that could squeeze through, Sentinel Fence  makes a puppy panel with close pickets to keep that little dog inside.

Sentinel Fence makes several different styles of aluminum fence that are very decorative and elegant.  They are ideal to accent the front of your house or to highlight a flower bed.

For those of you who have trouble with deer, we can install a simple style aluminum fence 6′ high that will keep most deer outside your fence, protecting your shrubs, trees,  vegetables and fruits.

If you are looking for a cheaper fence, but really like the beauty of an aluminum fence in front of your house, why not consider a combination.  Install a beautiful aluminum fence in front where people see it from the street and install the Bucks County fence standard split rail in the back.

We can help you with your fencing no matter what your needs.  Just give us a call.  215-249-3132

Deer Fences

July!  August!  Temperatures in the 90’s, even over 100!
Don’t remind me, right?  As you relax in your pool or sit in the comfort of your air conditioned living room, remember what it was like 6 or 7 months ago.
Snow covered the ground and it was C O L D.  And when you looked out on you lawn, the snow was pristine smooth, uninterrupted, beautiful.  Right?

Yeah,  smooth for maybe one day!  Then came the tracks, DEER TRACKS!  At first just a few, then more and more.  Before you knew it, those deer tracks came right up to your house, and pretty soon some of your shrubs started getting pruned–nibbled at and eaten back by those cute, pretty things we call “deer”, but not “dear”.

Nothing you could do then except stand out there all night to scare them away and who wants to do that.  You promised yourself that come spring you’d check out getting some kind of deer fence.

But when the snow melted away and the hostas and tulips started coming out, lo and behold, the deer decided they needed pruning too.  Now in mid summer,  as you look out you see stunted bushes because you didn’t have a deer fence over the winter.  You don’t know if you’ll have any hosta plants or tulips next year because you didn’t have any deer fence to protect them.

This summer I’ve talked to several people who have just gotten tired of having the deer traipse through their property, eating shrubs and flower bulbs in the winter.  They’ve taken the step this summer to have us install a deer fence, a wire mesh attached to round wooden poles.  Admittedly its an investment (its not cheap), but neither are your shrubs and flower bulbs cheap.

I’ve also talked to several people who have had our deer fence installed for several years and they are more than satisfied with the results.

Why don’t you check out the deer fence possibility.  You don’t need to fence in your whole property, maybe just an area around the house.  Maybe its vegetables you want to protect–we can put up a deer fence around that too.

Check out our web site, and check out the pictures we have in our gallery. Give us a call or send us an email.  Hope the deer don’t totally destroy your landscape.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

If you watch a certain television commercial, they can really go to it. Here at Landis Fence Company we make many of our wood fence panels. We make these panels strong because we believe in making a quality product. We know people are depending on these fence panels to keep out things like woodchucks; and we know you are depending on your fence to keep your children or your dogs from getting out.

We make our wooden picket fences and privacy fences using white cedar pickets. White cedar is a long lasting wood to give you years of service. We use 2″ x 4″ pressure treated horizontal rails on our fence panels because treated 2″ x 4″ s last longer than 2″ x 3″ fir rails found on others’ products. White cedar pickets last much longer than fir or pine pickets found on some manufacturers products.

We want your fence panels to stay together for a long time, so we use shank nails to fasten the pickets to the horizontal rails. These nails have little ridges on them to keep the pickets from pulling off. You don’t want any woodchuck grabbing the pickets off your fence nor do you want your dog to push the picket off and getting out.

Because we make our wood picket fence panels and wood privacy fence panels, we can make different heights. We make the most popular 4′ high picket fence panels and 6′ high privacy fence panels, and we frequently make 3′ or 5′ high fence panels as well.

Now that summer is just around the corner, don’t let any woodchucks try chucking your fence panels. Let us help you with some sturdy wood fence panels from us here at Landis Fence Company. You can buy the fence panels and do your own installation or have us install them for you.

Check out the rest of our website and give us a call today.

DYI Fencing

Your wife, or your friend has finally persuaded you to get a dog. But now you realize you need to take the dog outside every day, and it’s cold outside, or its raining! Who wants to walk the dog when its 20 degrees and blowing, or its raining buckets!

Now you notice many of your neighbors have fenced off their backyard and just let the dog out in the yard for awhile each morning–no more walking the dog in the cold or rain! So, why don’t you put up a fence in your backyard?

You think about it for a little and decide, “Yeah, I could do that!”

Don’t know what kind of fence to put up? We can help you. Come in to our business at 171 S. Main St, Dublin, Pa and look at the samples we have. Or look at the pictures in our website gallery and pick out the style fencing you want. You can measure off your backyard, draw a sketch, come in and we can help you determine how much fencing you need and how many components you will need. (gates, corner posts, fence sections)*

For a nominal fee we can deliver the fence materials to you.

Of course we also do installations or if you have a contractor you want to work with we can supply him with material for your fence.

* If you are unsure of what kind of fence to put up, let me give you a few words of explanation.

Our most popular and probably most economical fence style for dogs is 3 rail split rail fence with vinyl coated wire attached. (see picture R13 in our gallery) This fence is 4′ high, a good height for dogs. If you want a variation on this style you could go with a vinyl 3 rail fence with wire (see picture V8), nail on board (see picture R5), or slip board (see picture R15).

If you want a different style, consider a picket fence. These are available in wood (see picture W8) or white vinyl ( see picture V1). We make the wood fence right in our shop in a variety of heights. The vinyl fence is also available in several heights.

Some people prefer a fence that doesn’t allow anyone to see in or the dog to see out. We call this a privacy fence and we stock both wooden and vinyl in several styles. (see picture W1, V6)

Finally there is the option we call chain link fencing, available in various heights in galvanized or green vinyl coated wire. (see picture C5)