Deer Fences

July!  August!  Temperatures in the 90’s, even over 100!
Don’t remind me, right?  As you relax in your pool or sit in the comfort of your air conditioned living room, remember what it was like 6 or 7 months ago.
Snow covered the ground and it was C O L D.  And when you looked out on you lawn, the snow was pristine smooth, uninterrupted, beautiful.  Right?

Yeah,  smooth for maybe one day!  Then came the tracks, DEER TRACKS!  At first just a few, then more and more.  Before you knew it, those deer tracks came right up to your house, and pretty soon some of your shrubs started getting pruned–nibbled at and eaten back by those cute, pretty things we call “deer”, but not “dear”.

Nothing you could do then except stand out there all night to scare them away and who wants to do that.  You promised yourself that come spring you’d check out getting some kind of deer fence.

But when the snow melted away and the hostas and tulips started coming out, lo and behold, the deer decided they needed pruning too.  Now in mid summer,  as you look out you see stunted bushes because you didn’t have a deer fence over the winter.  You don’t know if you’ll have any hosta plants or tulips next year because you didn’t have any deer fence to protect them.

This summer I’ve talked to several people who have just gotten tired of having the deer traipse through their property, eating shrubs and flower bulbs in the winter.  They’ve taken the step this summer to have us install a deer fence, a wire mesh attached to round wooden poles.  Admittedly its an investment (its not cheap), but neither are your shrubs and flower bulbs cheap.

I’ve also talked to several people who have had our deer fence installed for several years and they are more than satisfied with the results.

Why don’t you check out the deer fence possibility.  You don’t need to fence in your whole property, maybe just an area around the house.  Maybe its vegetables you want to protect–we can put up a deer fence around that too.

Check out our web site, and check out the pictures we have in our gallery. Give us a call or send us an email.  Hope the deer don’t totally destroy your landscape.

Bucks County Deer Fence

Aren’t they pretty, standing there looking at you across the field with those big beautiful eyes and wide ears sticking straight out?  And those majestic horns you see in the Fall!

But what about the deer eating your shrubs, your tulip bulbs and hosta plants, or when they eat off the plants in your vegetable garden or the apples in your orchard?  How pretty are they?

One solution is to install a bucks county deer fence to deter the deer from making your property into the local deer café.  There are several options depending on what you want to do.

A 4 foot high Bucks County deer fence will deter deer, but they can easily jump over this height.  Yet I’ve had customers tell me that their 4 foot fence kept out most of the deer.  If you want to take this approach, your options for Bucks County deer fence are quite broad.  You could install wood or vinyl picket fence or solid fence.  You could install ornamental aluminum fence or different kinds of wire fencing for your Bucks County deer fence.  If this is the way you want to go, please refer to our gallery of pictures.

A 6 foot high fence will keep out most deer, although I’ve been told that if they want those apples or vegetables, they can clear a 6 foot high Bucks County deer fence.  For a 6 ‘ deer fence you can choose from several types of fence.  In wood you could use stockade or flat board privacy fence.  You could also use ornamental aluminum fence as deer fence.  A less expensive option is woven wire, attached to either metal or wood posts.  This is more cost effective for longer stretches of fencing.

An 8′ high deer fence is the most likely to protect your prized plants and fruits.  8′ high wire fencing designed for deer is what we have used most often, especially when you want to fence in a long length of your property.  8’ high Bucks County deer fence wire set in the trees blends into the background.  The wire openings are narrow at the bottom and grow gradually taller as you go up the wire.  This helps to keep some smaller animals from going through the wire near the ground and the wider openings near the top uses less wire.

A Bucks County deer fence needs a gate or gates.  For wood, aluminum or vinyl we recommend a gate made of the same material as the fence.  For a wire fence, we often weld a pipe metal frame and cover it with the wire used for the fence.  We also have available black frames with rigid 2″ x 4″ openings.  (Please see our pictures in the gallery deer fencing)

For drive gates we can install in-ground cattle gates– a specially designed grate that neither cattle nor deer will walk across.  Another option for drive gates is to install a double gate that must be opened and closed each time it is used.

Yes, deer are pretty, but so are your shrubs, vegetables, fruits and flowers.  Let us know if we can help you with a deer fence in your battle with the neighborhood deer.