Cheap Fences

What are cheap fences?  Depending on what you want your fence to do, we can probably help you if you are looking for a cheap fence.  We have a variety of fences.  We have cheap wood  fencing stockade made from spruce. We have wire and metal posts that can make a cheap fence.

We have wood and wire fencing that cost more dollars and are actually cheap fence, because in the long run they last longer.  They don’t need to be replaced as often as the inexpensive fences.  We make and sell wood privacy fence that is made of cedar pickets and pressure treated horizontals.  Initially they cost more dollars but in the long run cedar holds up longer than spruce or fir so it is cheap fence in the proverb, “Buy once cheap and end up buying twice, or buy once good”

At Landis Fence we want to buy good quality and fair priced.  If you are looking for cheap fence, tell us what you are trying to do and we will try to meet your needs.