Winter Blog 2012

It’s the end of January and there’s snow on the ground, who’s thinking about swimming pool fences?  Come spring time and that first hot day of early spring, and everyone will be thinking about putting in that new pool and pool fence.  Maybe you already have a pool fence but have been thinking about replacing your existing fence.

So think ahead!  Take a look around our website so see what you might like to see in your backyard.

Do you want a pool fence with openings so you can see through it, or do you want a solid privacy fence?

If you want the solid privacy fence, you can choose solid wood privacy fence or you can go for the PVC solid privacy fence.  The most common height is 6′ and they are available with a lattice top or simply a top rail.  We can supply you with solid wood fence made with white cedar or we have western red cedar with lattice top.

This makes a very nice looking enclosure for your pool filter and pump area.

Many people want to be able to see through the pool fence.  So they choose something like a split rail fence with vinyl coated wire attached to it.  This is probably the most economical fence for your pool.  Another very popular kind of fence is the aluminum fence.  This is available in black or bronze with a powder coat finish.  The advantage of this kind of fence is the longevity of the finish.  We carry the Sentinel Fence brand.  Look on their website at for more information.

Let us help you with your fence.  Even if the weather is cold or the ground is too muddy, let’s work now at planning that aluminum pool fence, split rail fence around your swimming pool or a new PVC pool fence.  Then when the weather breaks, you’ll be ready to go!