DYI Fencing

Your wife, or your friend has finally persuaded you to get a dog. But now you realize you need to take the dog outside every day, and it’s cold outside, or its raining! Who wants to walk the dog when its 20 degrees and blowing, or its raining buckets!

Now you notice many of your neighbors have fenced off their backyard and just let the dog out in the yard for awhile each morning–no more walking the dog in the cold or rain! So, why don’t you put up a fence in your backyard?

You think about it for a little and decide, “Yeah, I could do that!”

Don’t know what kind of fence to put up? We can help you. Come in to our business at 171 S. Main St, Dublin, Pa and look at the samples we have. Or look at the pictures in our website gallery and pick out the style fencing you want. You can measure off your backyard, draw a sketch, come in and we can help you determine how much fencing you need and how many components you will need. (gates, corner posts, fence sections)*

For a nominal fee we can deliver the fence materials to you.

Of course we also do installations or if you have a contractor you want to work with we can supply him with material for your fence.

* If you are unsure of what kind of fence to put up, let me give you a few words of explanation.

Our most popular and probably most economical fence style for dogs is 3 rail split rail fence with vinyl coated wire attached. (see picture R13 in our gallery) This fence is 4′ high, a good height for dogs. If you want a variation on this style you could go with a vinyl 3 rail fence with wire (see picture V8), nail on board (see picture R5), or slip board (see picture R15).

If you want a different style, consider a picket fence. These are available in wood (see picture W8) or white vinyl ( see picture V1). We make the wood fence right in our shop in a variety of heights. The vinyl fence is also available in several heights.

Some people prefer a fence that doesn’t allow anyone to see in or the dog to see out. We call this a privacy fence and we stock both wooden and vinyl in several styles. (see picture W1, V6)

Finally there is the option we call chain link fencing, available in various heights in galvanized or green vinyl coated wire. (see picture C5)