Fences in the Winter?

What does a fencing company do in the winter?

A.    Goes to Florida.
B.     Installs fences.
C.     Stocks up for the spring.
D.    Hopes it warms up so we can get back to work.

We can’t speak for all fencing companies, but here at Landis Fence Co the correct answer is B, C and D!

Yes we do install fences in the winter.  If the ground is bare but frozen, we can get around with less danger of disturbing your lawn.  With our equipment we can break through the frozen ground. If there is snow on the ground, we clear the space for your new fence, break through the frozen ground, and begin installing it.

Something for you to think about:  most people aren’t thinking about having a fence installed in the winter,  so our schedule is more open.  If you are thinking about a fence installation, we can probably get to your project sooner now than in the middle of spring.

Yes, we do stock up for the spring.

We sell so much split rail fence that we haul it in by the trailer load.  In the beginning of each calendar year we haul in our split rail fence supplies so that you, your neighbor and other fence companies can pick up what you need right away.  During the winter months we are also making gates so we have a stockpile in the spring.

Yes, we do hope the cold weather doesn’t last very long.

We realize we do not control the weather (fortunately!)  so we wait for spring.  But in the mean time, we’d like you to know we welcome your calls and visits in the winter.  Maybe you aren’t ready for us to install your fence in the winter, but we can get you in sooner  if you contact us now–even if there is snow on the ground!