How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

If you watch a certain television commercial, they can really go to it. Here at Landis Fence Company we make many of our wood fence panels. We make these panels strong because we believe in making a quality product. We know people are depending on these fence panels to keep out things like woodchucks; and we know you are depending on your fence to keep your children or your dogs from getting out.

We make our wooden picket fences and privacy fences using white cedar pickets. White cedar is a long lasting wood to give you years of service. We use 2″ x 4″ pressure treated horizontal rails on our fence panels because treated 2″ x 4″ s last longer than 2″ x 3″ fir rails found on others’ products. White cedar pickets last much longer than fir or pine pickets found on some manufacturers products.

We want your fence panels to stay together for a long time, so we use shank nails to fasten the pickets to the horizontal rails. These nails have little ridges on them to keep the pickets from pulling off. You don’t want any woodchuck grabbing the pickets off your fence nor do you want your dog to push the picket off and getting out.

Because we make our wood picket fence panels and wood privacy fence panels, we can make different heights. We make the most popular 4′ high picket fence panels and 6′ high privacy fence panels, and we frequently make 3′ or 5′ high fence panels as well.

Now that summer is just around the corner, don’t let any woodchucks try chucking your fence panels. Let us help you with some sturdy wood fence panels from us here at Landis Fence Company. You can buy the fence panels and do your own installation or have us install them for you.

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