3 Most Popular Aluminum Fence Styles For Your Home

aluminum fenceAluminum fences are 3 to 6 ft high. The standard width for aluminum residential fence is 6 ft per section. A standard post is 2″ x 2″ , and the length varies with the height of the fence. To protect your investment, each piece of aluminum fencing and each post are painted using an electrostatic powder coating process. This leaves an extremely durable and weather resistant coating on the aluminum, to ensure you of a fine looking fence for many years to come. Black and bronze are the most popular colors.

When you are deciding what style of aluminum fence to have installed, there are three basic styles, with several variations.

#1 Floridian aluminum fence – A simple style with the bottom rail close to the ground and the top rail rests on the vertical pickets.

sierra aluminum fence

#2 Sierra aluminum fence – Includes two horizontal rails at the top of each section and the pickets go through the mid rail but not through the top rail, so you could rest your arm on the top without feeling the pickets. The bottom rail can be placed either near the ground or about 6″ off the ground with the pickets sticking below this rail. This is the most popular style. A variation of this is the Outback, which is like the Sierra except every other picket goes through the mid rail and stops before it gets to the top rail.

manhattan appalachian aluminum fence

#3 Appalachian aluminum fence – Characterized by pickets going up through the top rail. Thus creating a more dangerous looking top for a dog who might think twice before trying to jump over. The second rail is approximately 8 inches below the top rail. For the bottom rail it can either be placed near the ground or about 6″ off the ground with the pickets sticking through the rail.

Several variations of an Appalachian aluminum fence include:

  • Elegant Arch – Uses inverted U shaped hoops to connect the pickets above the rails
  • San Fran – At the top of the pickets forms an inverted dome
  • Manhattan – Has the top pickets alternating in height, giving an up-down, up-down effect.

Here at Landis Fence Company we sell and install aluminum fence manufactured by Sentinel Fence and Gate Manufacturing Company. This is an American owned and located company. These products allows us to provide the consumer with a wide range of styles and heights.

Be sure to check out the pictures in our website Gallery of some of the aluminum fences we have installed over the years.