Fences are our core business, not a supplement. We help you adorn your home or build useful enclosures for your animals. With more than five decades of experience and an illustrious client network, we continue to grow. For safe and elegant fences that provide privacy, security, utility or decoration, we do it with care.

We specialize in:

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Rail
  • Wood board
  • Chain Link
  • Deer/Horse

Whatever the type of fence you need, decorative, privacy, protection, or containment, we can help you with quality material and excellent workmanship. Whether you want aluminum, vinyl, chain link, split rail, wooden board fence or animal fence, we can help. Aluminum is light weight but strong and long lasting. Vinyl is also long lasting and comes in different shapes and doesn’t need to be painted. Chain link is a long term dependable material good for both commercial and residential use. Split rail fences offer an economical eye catching option for closing in the back yard, enclosing a pool or keeping in animals. Wooden board fences offer a wide variety of styles–picket with different styles and heights, privacy fence with different style tops and the option of using decorative post tops. We also carry wire fence for horses, to keep out deer and even smaller wire for keeping out rabbits.

The brands of products we use include Sentinel, Bufftech, Red Brand, National Stanley, and Sentinel. We strive to use quality products so that you can enjoy your fencing for the longest period of time.

Whether you need a post and rail fence for your backyard, a picket fence for your garden, an aluminum fence around your pool or privacy fences to protect your view, Landis Fence Co can handle them all. We also offer beautiful designs in arches, caps, lattice accent and more.

With the huge variety of products we have available, we can supply you with a fence that will suit your home and environs. There are a lot of options to choose from. Choosing wisely will reduce your fence maintenance costs. Fences are not just about setting a boundary or protecting your property, but they also are an extension of your home. So we want you to be satisfied with whatever fence you install.