Aluminum fences are the most suitable substitute for iron fences. It is light weight, rust-proof and more durable than iron railing. It is available in several different colors and different designs to match your taste. The paint is long lasting, weather durable powder coating.

We sell aluminum fencing made by Sentinel Fence and Gate Manufacturing Co, located in North Carolina. In addition to a choice of panel designs, there are options for gate size and design. The standard gate is a flat top and arched gates are also available to match the fence panels. More decorative gates are also available.

Aluminum fences work well for a pool fence, to mark the perimeter of your yard or for a decorative fence along a short distance. It works well to keep your dog in a restricted area. Aluminum fences enhance the landscaping at your home, place of business or church. Look at this type of fence to see how it might work for you.