Bucks County split rail fence

How do you keep your dog safe, so it doesn’t run out into the street?  Or, on the other hand, how do you keep other dogs from entering your property?

We frequently get calls that start out something like this, “I want to fence in my back yard so I can let my dog run and not get away”

So we ask, “What kind of fence do you want?”

Probably the most common type we install is locust and hemlock (locust fence posts and hemlock rails) bucks county split rail fence with vinyl coated wire attached.  Having said this, there are still variations; do you want your bucks county split rail fence to be 2 rails, 3 rails or 4 rails high?  Do you want green wire or black wire?  Does this fence also serve as a pool fence?  If it does, then the wire needs to have smaller holes to meet pool code.

If you don’t want to have wood split rail fence, how about a vinyl fence (also referred to as PVC)?  Bufftech, the company we buy our vinyl fence from makes a 2, 3, or 4 rail fence.  You can choose white or tan.  Bufftech also offers vinyl rail fence with a Certa-grain texture that has a wood grain texture on it and is available in white or Sierra Blend, a shade of brown.

Bufftech also makes several styles of picket fence; you know that fence with the vertical pickets with a space between each picket.  We stock the Danbury and Rothbury styles, 4′ high with a straight top or a concave top.

A third alternative to bucks county split rail  fence or vinyl rail fence, is aluminum fence.  Sentinel, the company that manufactures our fencing uses a powder-coating process to paint their aluminum fence.  Powder coating is a process that gives a long lasting smooth finish to your fence so you don’t have to worry about re-finishing your fence.

Sentinel makes a variety of styles in their aluminum fence as well as various heights. So you can find one that you like.

So, what kind of fence do you want for your dogs?  Look at our web site or stop in and take a look at the options.