2 Best Ways To Fence Your Home With Many Options

fence homeWhen it comes to fencing your home there are a variety of different options and materials to choose from. They include vinyl fence, aluminum fence, chain link, wood, split rail, underground etc. Everyone has their favorite, but two really stand out for several reasons.

Two that really stand out and are also the most popular are vinyl fence and aluminum fence. With many different options even with these two, it is no wonder why they are more popular then the others. There are many reasons why and I have a listed a few below.

vinyl fenceVinyl Fence

  • Get the look and feel of traditional wood without constant maintenance and repairs
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Very durable
  • Vinyl fencing will not crack, rot, or mold, and is also weather resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • No painting
  • May come with a warranty
  • Precise fence components are designed to fit together perfectly
  • No sun damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong, and long-lasting
  • Customized options including colors, sizes, textures, designs and caps to enhance your vinyl fence design

aluminum fenceAluminum Fence

  • Panels can be custom width from 4′ wide a maximum width of one foot increments
  • The aluminum fence panel or gate can be as tall or short as necessary
  • Horizontal rails can be added for customization
  • Panels or gates can have one side taller than the other
  • Aluminum fences can be custom welded when the need arises
  • Alternating height pickets can create a staggered spear top style
  • Circles can be added but must be installed between two horizontal rails
  • Stepping allows for panels to be positioned one lower than the other
  • Custom colors are available

These are just a few reasons an aluminum fence or vinyl fence have become so popular. If is time to upgrade your fence call Landis Fence at 215 249 3132 or take a look around our gallery.